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Due to our previous clearance sales, only those items code that shown in blue colour are available !!!!

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~CHIFFON Madness ~

Blue + White colour

RM30 Now RM20 ONLY !!!


Colour and code : Yellow chiffon YOP_20 (SOLD OUT )
Blue+ White chiffon BOP_21 (SOLD OUT)

Size: Both fit XS, S and small M
Length: Yellow - 85cm(adjustable strap)
Blue - 86cm (adjustable strap)

SALES SALES !!! Clearance!!!!

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>>>>>> We ARE on SALES !!! <<<<<<<
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Clearance Sales !


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Great review from Fashionably.Addicted

*phewitt!* Who's that sexay senorita?
Doesn't this dress look hot on Miss Diva?
I like the floral prints on it! Heehee!!
What about a tube instead?
Comes along with the accessories for you to match with.
(Now, you really dont have to hunt for accessories unless you wish to change it! Heehee)

Thank you babes for the review!!!!!!!!!

Into MY style

All Sold Out!!!
* White tube top excluded
sash attached
*Good Quality*

Colour and Code: Teal 63_TD9
Size: fits S and M size
Length: 88cm
Sleeve length: 32.5 cm

Miss Sashay

Feel boring with the normal look-alike dresses? And difficult to accept the over-the-top dinner dresses? Yeah, this special piece of dress is specially design for you. Grab it at only RM43, thick material, 1st layer is attach to your body, the 2nd layer created the bubbles design...definitely worth the price!

RM43 Now at RM 34 ONLY !!!!
(Thick cotton, adjustable straps)
Colour and Code: yellow 56_YD9 (Available)
Black 57_BD9 (Available)
Size: Fits XS, S and minimal M only.
Best fits XS and S!!!!
Length: normal length is 78cm, however, the max length is 81.5 cm since the straps are adjustable

Merilyn Off-shoulder dress

Nave Blue

RM35 (what a steal!!!)

fits small to medium size coz it's stretchable especially shoulder and waist area!!!

Colour and Code:Navy Blue(looks like black) 48_BD9 (All Sold out!)
White 49_WD9 (All Sold out)

Size: fits S and M (UK 6-12)
Bust: 80-108cm, Length: 78cm

Floral Printed Dress

Purple Floral

Yellow floral

Fiery Red

adjustable straps!!!


RM 38 Now at RM 34 ONLY !!!!
Colour and Code : Purple 52_PD9 (Sold)
Red 51_RD9 (Sold)
Yellow 50_YD9 (Sold)
Size: Fits XS, S and small M
Length: 86cm (adjustable straps)

Cropped Cardi

Purchase any dress or top from us and get this one at RM30 WOW!!!
ALL sold Out!
Colour and Code: Yellow/Ocher 53_YJ9
Black 55_BJ9 (Sold)
White 54_WJ9 (Sold)
Size: Fits XS and S only (Sold)
Length: 38 cm

*Indiana Beauty* Halter/Tube Top


Sea Green




FREE 1 pair of transparent strap with every purchase of Indiana Beauty!!
PIC (a) The string can be tied according to your body shape

Now you do not have to be worried on getting the accessories as the top is attached with one!!!! Of course you do not have to iron the top as it looks good with its folds!!! Hooray!!!

RM 36 >> Now RM 29 only!!!!
Colour and Code: Black 58_BT9 (Sold)
Sea Green 60_GT9 (Available)
Teal/Blue 61_BT9 (Available)
Pink 62_PT9 (sold)
Purple 59_PT9 (sold)

Size: This top can fit XS to M size!!! WHY? Because the bust/breast area is absolutely stretchable (smock)'s not body-hugging so do not have the problem of feeling too tight around the waist and bust area,definitely can hide our little tummy (wink*), and you can draw and tie the string at the bottom of the top according to you body size!!! LUVsss it!!!

Length: 40cm. Measured from the bust/armpit area because the 'necklace' can be tied (using the hook attached) according to your desired length. The maximum length of the 'necklace' is 28cm)

TIP : Looks best with tight jeans/ short pants..!!!